7 Ways to Fight App and Information Overload to Save 10 Hours per Month



Information Overload is a funny thing. We can all relate to it because it annoys each and every one of us. I’m willing to bet that in the past month, 90% of the people reading this have clenched their fists, thrown their arms into the sky, and shouted “WHERE THE $&@# IS ________!?” Or at least you thought about it. That’s because the inability to locate something – typically information – is one of the most common byproducts of Information Overload.

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What’s “Content Clutter” Costing You?

Shelf’s Ask the Expert interview series explores a variety issues that impact workplace productivity. In this interview with Susan Gunelius, CEO and President of KeySplash Creative, Shelf Founder Colin Kennedy gains insight into the volume of information being created on the internet and in the cloud and the impact that this Information Overload can have on businesses, large and small.

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Shelf User Stories: Building an Innovation Ecosystem

The Shelf User Stories series is meant to help prospective users understand why different groups and organizations have chosen to use Shelf. In this interview with Pavle Krivokuca, Chief of Operations at the Belgrade Impact Hub, talks about the challenges of coordinating activities across a broad and diverse set of stakeholders in both the public and private sector.  

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Information Overload and Just In Time Learning

Information overload is the reality of the day. I don’t need to throw out any fancy statistics like: “more information is being created in 2014 than has been created in all the years since the ancient Egyptians up until 2008 COMBINED” for anyone to understand the situation.

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