Using Gardner’s Theory Of MI To Your Advantage In The Workplace

Great leaders are not defined by their title, responsibility, or pay grade, but rather through their ability to bring people together as a team by appealing to their interests and needs individually. These leaders are constantly seeking out the best ways to support those working with or for him or her. Continue reading “Using Gardner’s Theory Of MI To Your Advantage In The Workplace”

Declutter Your Mind, Make Better Decisions

Take a moment to think about the decisions you’ve made today. Some may have felt automatic, like getting out bed or which freeway to take for your commute. Others may have required more complex thinking such as which vendor to work with, which candidate to hire for an open position, or which job offer to take. Regardless of the complexity, we are faced with making a ton of decisions each day. Even reading this article was a decision, and while many of these decisions seem automatic, the fact that our brains perform this magnificent function is awe-inspiring.  Our brain is like a muscle and every decision we make serves as an exercise for the executive function of the brain.

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Shelf Product Update – April 2017

We’re always exploring ways to make it even easier for users to find the content they’re looking for. Sometimes this means minor adjustments that allow users to find content faster; other times it’s about capturing more useful meta data when content is added to Shelf. As you’ll see from the items below, last month was no exception.

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Misty Water-Colored Memories

On a beautiful Spring morning, the smell of fresh flowers in bloom might suddenly transport you back to a special time or event in your life. While it can seem quite glamorous; much like Barbra Streisand’s  “misty water-colored memories” light the corner of your mind, it’s enchanting to find that there is a lot more happening in our brains than we realize. Our brains are doing the heavy lifting with detailed processes that remind us of the way we were and spark up nostalgia.

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Total Recall

In the cult classic Total Recall, Douglas Quaid went on a virtual vacation and was flooded with visual memories that drove him to visit the planet Mars. What followed was a series of events that only Hollywood could create. Though real life isn’t as imaginative as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the movie, our brains and the way we learn and remember things is still incredibly astounding.

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We’re All Defining “Content Curation” Incorrectly

The popular definition for “content curation” is too limiting!

If you run a quick Google search for anything that includes the term “content curation” you’re bound to see a list of articles, lists, and product advertisements that help marketers curate content more effectively. 

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