You Can Lower Call Handle Time by 25% With The Right Knowledge Management System

This post originally appeared on our partner, Genesys’ website.

Despite advances in technology and management practices, customer service statistics haven’t improved over the last four decades. A recent study from Arizona State University found that, back in 1976, only 44% of respondents were happy with the resolutions after approaching customer service representatives. Fast-forward to 2012, and researchers got the same results.

In a call center environment, average handle time (AHT) is a big factor in overall customer satisfaction. Customers who wait too long are more irritable and harder to appease. And real-time resolutions have less effect on a customer who’s already frustrated. Even with the most modern programs, call centers still struggle with AHT; however, managers can take some steps to shorten AHT without lowering customer service standards.

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Next Gen Knowledge Management Systems: Opening The Black Box

The contact center of the past is filled with unnecessary friction around their knowledge management system because it’s been hard to know what’s working and what isn’t. This makes administering them a guessing game that is both time consuming and ineffective leading to inaccurate, out-of date content that hurts the customer experience.
Deloitte found that 62% of surveyed businesses recognized that customers use their call center experiences to determine which companies are most deserving of their dollars.
While metrics and training techniques give managers a great deal of insight into what makes a positive call center experience, these tools have limited abilities that leave large holes in a manager’s understanding of what is actually happening on the phone lines. How can managers crack the black box of agent activity, increase transparency, and realize greater levels of customer satisfaction?
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