Shelf Product Update – August 2017


The hot August days didn’t hold us back from polishing your Shelf and working on some new ways in which we can help boost your collaborative experience.

Read on to learn what we’ve added to your Shelf in the past weeks and for some hints about how Shelf will evolve over the next couple of months.

OCR for existing images

Last month, our advanced optical character recognition (OCR) feature for images imported to Shelf went live. This feature enables you to perform searches across text content that is parsed from images you add to your Shelf (read more about this in my previous product update).

Originally, the OCR feature was only possible for newly imported images. We’ve since changed that, now making it possible to search across all images – old and new – alike. We know for many of you the OCR is one of our most exciting features, and we’re psyched to be able to bring you another improved Shelf experience.

Shelf lets you search text contained in images

More Ways for Sharing Your Best Content

While this hasn’t been added to your Shelf just yet, I’d like to take the opportunity and provide you with a sneak peek of things to come. In the upcoming weeks we’ll be releasing a new way to share your most important content with people who are not part of your own Shelf.

This will enable you to continue using Shelf to curate your company’s knowledge in the way you and your team have grown accustomed to, and also share selected pieces of content with people outside of your own organization.

The feature allowing you to publicly share selected content will be rolled out in steps, eventually allowing you to share individual documents, links, images, videos, and more. Additionally, you’ll be able to share specific folders as well as the content contained inside of them.

Of course, you’ll be able to specifically select what is accessible to people outside of your organization while all other content stays strictly private and secure.

Public sharing with Shelf
Public sharing with Shelf

New Version of our Web Clipper for Firefox

Strictly speaking, this feature is part of an update for September, but let’s keep it practical and allow me share it with you here.

After an admittedly long review process with Mozilla, the new version of the Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper for Firefox was released on September 7th. The new version will already have been installed if you have automatic updates enabled in your browser. For new users, get it directly at the Mozilla Add-on Hub.

This new version 1.5.2 is again compatible with the latest Firefox versions. It also now has all the features you were able to enjoy using the Chrome version already. This new version also completes our rebranding and includes our new logo.

Shelf Web Clipper for Firefox
Shelf Web Clipper for Firefox


This concludes the brief summary of what kept us busy in August. We hope you’re enjoying using our product as much as we are building it.

As always, we’d love to hear from you!! Thoughts on how we can make Shelf work better for you, ways you’re especially enjoying using it, or just a quick hello are always welcome. We’re pumped about the new features coming your way in September and October, so stay tuned for those updates to hit Shelf soon!