Shelf Product Update – July 2017

Apart from our product launch, a number of exciting updates were released throughout July. Read more about these updates in this Product Update issue.

Throughout July, a lot of focus was geared towards our public launch that was widely featured on various media outlets. If you missed that announcement you can read more about it here.

With the launch, we’re now allowing new signups directly, whereas Shelf had previously been by invitation only. Also, we’ve officially published our pricing on our new website. The team has worked very hard to bring you a beautiful new site with lots of information about Shelf. Find insights about how our customers are utilizing Shelf to curate their most important content, learn more about the team that’s behind the product, and explore the various business use cases for which our product has been designed. Go check out the new site, if you haven’t already.

To complete our launch, we rebranded from to Shelf and introduced our new logo. We hope you like it!

In addition to the new launch, there are a number of exciting changes to the product itself that I’d like to share with you.

OCR is back!

Some of our early users enjoyed an experimental feature of Shelf called optical character recognition, or OCR. Our OCR solution parses images and other non-text based attachments in an attempt to extract meaningful content and make it searchable.

We released OCR to all users in July, with improved recognition algorithms and better performance. Bear in mind that for the time being we directly support English content only. Parsing of content takes place for newly added content but will be enabled for content that was created before August later this year. Not all plans include OCR.

Shelf Web Clipper for Chrome

In July, we published version 2.7 of the Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper for Chrome. The changes of this most recent release include:

  • Improved support for clipping from LinkedIn
  • Smaller bug fixes
  • Style enhancements

The new version 1.5.1 with the same changes for Firefox is pending release on the Mozilla Add-on Hub.

Subscription Plans

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, we published our pricing plans on our website. In addition, you can now select and activate the suitable plan directly from inside your Shelf.

In order to do so, you need to have Admin permissions. Navigate to the Admin Page, then select Subscription Plan.

Select Subscription Plan

More Content at a Glance

On larger screens you can now see more of your search results on the same screen. We changed to logic for displaying content on the card view and made it more responsive in relation to the available screen size. This means you can now view 6 or even 8 cards on a single row allowing you to take full advantage of your screen’s real estate.

More content on large screens

Apart from these changes, you’ll find a number of smaller bug fixes and UI polishing across the application.

That’s it for now, a short and sweet update for July. As always, all of the product updates are already available to new and existing users alike.

What are your thoughts on your upgraded Shelf? I’d love to hear directly from you, our users, and answer any questions you may have.