Shelf Product Update – June 2017

A number of product updates came to light during this first month of summer. Building on the previous enhancements to Shelf which you can read more about in the Product Update for May we’ve continued to work towards making Shelf the best place for your company’s most important content.

Read on to learn about the most important updates to hit your Shelf throughout the past month.

Home Dashboard

The Home Dashboard is a great access point to learn about what’s happening on your Shelf. In order for you to gain visibility more quickly, we restyled the first two sections, My Shelf and Libraries. The cards are smaller now, so you need less scrolling to get to the other sections.

Also, the Upload button now gets you straight to uploading files. No interim steps needed any more.

Restyled Home Dashboard

In addition to the existing Dashboard sections, we added Recently Viewed, so you can quickly go back to what you looked at last.

New Dashboard section: Recently Viewed

Private vs. Shared Libraries

Keeping some of your content private is an important feat. To help you quickly identify what content is private to you vs. what is shared with other members in your organization we’ve made two adjustments.

First, the Library Tree is now split into two sections. One for your private library and another for all shared libraries.

And second, your private library which is only accessible to you personally has been renamed to My Library while the Organization’s library that is shared with all members within your Shelf has been renamed to just that, Organization.

Private and Shared Libraries on the Library Tree

You’ll find related changes in other places of your Shelf, such as in the Home Dashboard that reflect the renaming of these two libraries.

Renamed private and organization libraries

Creating and Managing Groups

Groups on Shelf enable you to quickly share and collaborate on important content across different teams and stakeholders. Previously, it was only possible to create new groups through the Library Tree’s context menu and on the Admin Panel.

Now, there are two new ways to do so.

Create Groups directly from the Hatrack

In order to make it very easy to create new Groups (or shared libraries) we’ve added that option right below the Library Tree on the left navigation pane.

New Create Group option on the Hatrack

Manage Groups from the Add button

We’ve added a new option to the Add menu that provides direct access to managing groups. From there, you can access the first five groups directly and add or remove members as well as change the name, description, and other properties.

In case you have more than five groups in your Shelf, the More… option will take you to the Admin Panel where you can manage all the groups for your organization.

Manage Groups from the Add menu

Creating and Editing Content on Shelf

The process of creating and editing content on Shelf has been reworked significantly. We’re now providing you with a guided way to add individual pieces of content that is focussed on the most important aspects first, while still allowing you to add detailed metadata for optimal curation.

New Touchpad Design

We completely revamped the design of the Touchpad. The Touchpad gives you the option to add individual pieces of various content types to your Shelf.


The number of options has been reduced from twelve to nine, so it’s easier to locate the type of content you’d like to add. You can still add Google Docs directly from the Touchpad once you connected your Google Drive with Shelf.

New Touchpad designs

New Content Creation Wizards

Upon selecting the desired content type from the Touchpad, you are now guided through the creation process by our new content creation wizards. These are specific to the type of content you’d like to create.

New Content Creation Wizards

New Edit Content Forms

Editing existing content can be performed from the Content page. Upon hitting the Edit button, you’ll notice a restyled form that allows you to easily add or change any of the meta data associated with that piece of content.

New Edit Content forms

Account Settings

The Account settings got moved to a new layout, a change we think helps make completing your profile a little bit more fun now. Also, have a look at the Notification settings to make sure you receive all the updates you want, be it via in-app notifications or emails.

Redesigned My Account page
Redesigned Notifications page

Other Usability Improvements

Resizable Hatrack

You can now freely change the width of the left side navigation so it best suits your needs. Just point your mouse cursor to the edge of the sidebar and drag to the desired width. Your preference will be saved so next time you go to Shelf, you’ll have that same view as you did before.

Bulk Operations

For all of you that don’t like to perform repetitive tasks, there is good news. You can now select multiple pieces of content and favorite (or unfavorite) them at the same time. Likewise, bulk deleting has been enabled through the context menu as well so you can clean up more easily and keep your organization’s focus on the most important content.

Improved Layouts on Tablet and Mobile

Last but not least, we’ve made it more convenient to use Shelf on your mobile devices, be it a phone or tablet. All important functionalities are now significantly more accessible on mobile devices. This is a topic we’ll be putting more attention to going forward, ensuring that you will have a seamless experience with Shelf, no matter what your preferred or available device may be at a given time.

Shelf on your tablet

Web Clipper for Chrome

Early in June, we published version 2.6 of the Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper. The most notable changes of that release include:

  • Direct link to your Shelf account on the header that also logs you into your Shelf portal if needed (only works if you are logged in on your Web Clipper already)
  • Easier way to log out
  • Support for the new LinkedIn design, so you can easily clip a person’s details from LinkedIn
  • Various smaller enhancements and improved guidance for a better web clipping experience

The new version for Firefox is forthcoming, watch out for these new features coming your way on Mozilla’s browser shortly.

That’s a wrap for June. All these changes are automatically available to you, so go ahead and try out the new features. Please let me know what you think about your new Shelf, I’m excited to hear about it all – the good and the bad.

As mentioned previously, expect the new Web Clipper for Firefox to be released in July. Apart from that, some big things are on their way for the upcoming month but I was asked to keep quiet about them for now…