Shelf CEO’s Article Featured on Fast Company

Sedarius Perrotta’s column featured on Fast Company’s Home Page.

Everyone on the team was extremely excited to see our CEO’s article featured on the home page of Fast Company this past weekend! In this column, Sedarius Perrotta talks about how the month he spent living with the Tucano tribe of the Amazon forever shaped his career and helped guide him on his entrepreneurial journey.

In his time in the jungle, Sedarius gained new insight into humans’ ability to adapt, the importance of working together as a team, and how eliminating superfluous distractions can help you identify and focus on the things that are truly Most Important. It’s a great read for everyone, but will be of particular interest to anyone who wants to understand what makes successful entrepreneurs like Sedarius tick.

The perspective he gained from this intense, transformational experience has had a major influence on how Shelf has grown and evolved, I speak for our entire organization when I say that we’re thankful for that.


Author: Colin Kennedy

Colin is the COO and Co-founder of and a 2x software entrepreneur.