User Stories: Knowledge Sharing Across a Global Community

The Shelf User Stories series is meant to help prospective users understand why different businesses and organizations have chosen to use Shelf. In this interview with Kate Elci, Program Director at the International Peace and Security Institute (IPSI), she explains how Shelf evolved from being a tool to manage content for the organization’s staff to a knowledge hub for it’s 500+ program participants and alumni.

The International Peace and Security Institute (IPSI) is an organization committed to the education and training of peacebuilders around the world. IPSI achieves this mission by conducting intensive trainings for the next generation to peacekeepers, to give them an in-depth look at transitional justice.

In this interview with Kate Elci, the Program Director of IPSI’s annual symposium at The Hague, we get an inside look at how Shelf began as an internal knowledge management tool for the organization’s staff, but evolved into a Knowledge Hub for The Hague Symposium’s program participants and all of IPSI’s 500+ alumni. Highlights include:

  • Prior to Shelf, one of IPSI’s challenges was how they could effectively facilitate the ongoing best practice sharing and knowledge transfer amongst the alumni scattered around the globe. They needed a better way to share resources, materials, and web content and had a hard time finding the right web-based solution.
  • IPSI was seeking something that would offer its staff, alumni, and current program participants an easy way to contribute all manner of digital resources, quickly locate content via search and/or browse, and interact with this information via commenting and sharing.
  • Shelf now serves as a multi-faceted Knowledge Hub for IPSI. During a symposium, participants use Shelf as a real-time resource during trainings. Alumni use the tool as a way to share everything from recent research to job postings. And the staff have an comprehensive solution for the various layers of information they consume and produce.

Author: Colin Kennedy

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