Enhancing the Dropbox User Experience

A staggering amount of files exist in cloud storage platforms nowadays…and the data analysis indicates that these figures will grow exponentially in the coming years. Clearly the benefit these platforms provide is huge…but this ubiquitous, inexpensive storage has ended up creating a new problem: the ability to find files and other important information in a timely manner. So what’s a person to do if they’re already struggling with this problem?! In this blog post and accompanying video, we talk about how Shelf complements Dropbox – one of the biggest and best storage platforms on the planet – and reduces the amount of time their users need to spend on unproductive retrieval tasks going forward.

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Shelf User Stories: A Library for the Organization’s Best Information

The Shelf User Stories series is meant to help prospective users understand why different businesses and organizations have chosen to use Shelf. In this interview with Pol Stafford, Nerd-in-Chief at Partners in School Innovation, we learn about the process Pol and the team at Partners went through to identify to right web application for their resource library.

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Stop sending web links via email!

Shelf.io exists to provide people with a better way to capture, organize, and share knowledge. And this gets our users fired up, because they believe the same thing that we do…too much of our precious time and energy gets spent trying to locate important information. But once our users calm down a bit, they ask us the same question “How exactly can we use Shelf to accomplish this?”

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Is it Time to Revisit Your Folder Structure?

Shelf’s Ask the Expert interview series explores a variety issues that impact workplace productivity. In this interview with Patrick Clapp, Information Research Specialist at Harvard Business School, Shelf Founder Colin Kennedy asks Patrick about reviewing and improving upon an organization’s folder structure. Topics discussed include: how you know it’s time to revisit your approach for folder naming and file saving, and practical tips on how to create a folder architecture that makes sense to users but doesn’t take a ton of time to implement.

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