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The Shelf User Stories series is meant to help prospective users understand why different groups and organizations have chosen to use Shelf. In this interview with Pam Ostrowski, leader of 1NService and CEO/President of Service Organization Strategies, we learn about how Shelf helps Pam manage a community of IT executives.

In the business world, networks are created for a couple of key reasons. And one of the most common reasons is to share knowledge and best practices. A few networks that come to mind are Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and MasterMind groups.

In this brief interview, with Pam Ostrowski, we learn more about 1NService, which functions a lot like a domain-specific EO for IT executives. During our chat, a couple of Pam’s comments really stood out to me:

  • Thought Leadership does not adhere to a single file format. The 1NService community produces all kinds of content, ranging from podcasts, videos, and webinars, to more traditional documents (PDF, Word, Google Doc, etc.).
  • Findability is a major challenge. Because there are so many demands on the people who comprise the 1NService community, they need to be able to locate what they’re looking for in seconds. (There is a great sound byte about this at the 3:08 mark).
  • When it comes to group content sharing, access control matters. Within a community, people are bound to have different areas of interest and varying degrees of involvement. As a result, a group leader needs to be able to easily adjust who sees what content so it’s a more personalized experience.

There’s no question that knowledge sharing is a major challenge – especially in situations where people are distributed across different organizations and geographies. I’m glad to hear that Shelf is doing its part to solve this problem!


Author: Colin Kennedy

Colin is the COO and Co-founder of and a 2x software entrepreneur.

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