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Stop sending web links via email!

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 18, 2016 3:08:12 PM / by Colin Kennedy

Colin Kennedy exists to provide people with a better way to capture, organize, and share knowledge. And this gets our users fired up, because they believe the same thing that we do...too much of our precious time and energy gets spent trying to locate important information. But once our users calm down a bit, they ask us the same question "How exactly can we use Shelf to accomplish this?"

Let's face it: capturing interesting web content so it can be shared with your peers kinda stinks. There are some personal bookmarking tools out there for the stuff that matters to you personally, but if you want to share interesting online content with a group of coworkers your options are limited. Thankfully, the Shelf Web Clipper changes all of that!

  • It allows a user to capture all manner of web content such as YouTube videos, blog posts, infographics, podcasts, etc. with incredible ease...and in a visually appealing way.
  • In doing so, the Web Clipper automatically attaches meta data to the information so it becomes a much smarter version of a browser bookmark. And because it does that, it becomes so easy to find it later on.
  • And by adding it to Shelf, you automatically share this information with the exact people that you want to share it with.

What does this mean? It means you can (and should) stop sending links to your coworkers via email!

Because this is what happens when you do:

  1. You have to stop whatever it was that you were doing to send that email. You have to open up your email, decide who you want to send the link to, decide what you want to title the email, copy/paste the link, and explain why your sending that email. Not only this a bunch of unnecessary steps, you break the flow of the work that you were doing.
  2. The people you send it to MIGHT read it right away, and that's being generous. But the chances are that they aren't stopping whatever they were doing to give your email the full attention it deserves. "I'll come back to that in a bit" is what passes through their mind before continuing on with their busy day.
  3. They forget about it because it gets piled under the hundreds of other emails they read everyday. And when you ask them, "Hey did you see that link I sent?" they start scrolling through their inbox. Unless they keep a pristinely managed email inbox (and who does?) they end up spending unnecessary time trying to locate the link you sent.
  4. Or (and this is the WORST) they ask you to "just send it again". And now you're stuck spending time on a task you already completed. Heck, maybe you can't even find it again in your Sent folder!

If this sounds all too familiar, I encourage you to stop the madness. There's a better way to capture, manage, and share web content. (check out the video for a sneak peek of the Web Clipper in action)

Topics: Productivity, Group Content Sharing, Content Curation, Product How To's

Colin Kennedy

Written by Colin Kennedy

Colin is the Founder and COO of and 2x software entrepreneur. He also serves as an informal advisor to early-stage tech companies and can be reached at

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