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Shelf User Stories: Building an Innovation Ecosystem

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 6, 2016 4:23:01 PM / by Colin Kennedy

Colin Kennedy

The Shelf User Stories series is meant to help prospective users understand why different groups and organizations have chosen to use Shelf. In this interview with Pavle Krivokuca, Chief of Operations at the Belgrade Impact Hub, talks about the challenges of coordinating activities across a broad and diverse set of stakeholders in both the public and private sector.  

On the home page of Impact Hub, the organization describes itself as "An innovation lab. A business incubator. A social enterprise community center." My first reaction when reading this is, "Wow - what a worthwhile mission!" My second is, "Geez - there must be a lot of moving pieces at these Impact Hubs!" (there are 80+ locations across 5 continents)

My suspicion was confirmed when I spoke with Pavle Krivokuca, the Chief of Operations at the Belgrade Impact Hub. Not only is he is responsible for coordinating the daily activities that take place within his Impact Hub, he also needs to make sure that the thousands of stakeholders from outside the organization are aware of everything that's happening. Without this coordination, these key supporters  cannot assist and promote the Belgrade Impact Hub's efforts to the best of their abilities. 

This is a monumental task and from the sound of things, the cloud platforms people use to create and share information hurt as much as they help. Thanks to tools like Google Drive and Dropbox, there certainly isn't a lack of information Pavle's disposal...but new problems arise when it comes to figuring out where information has been stored, how it was saved, and who shared the content.

And that's where Shelf comes in....have a watch to see how we're making Pavle's life easier.


Topics: User Stories, Group Content Sharing, Information Overload

Colin Kennedy

Written by Colin Kennedy

Colin is the Founder and COO of and 2x software entrepreneur. He also serves as an informal advisor to early-stage tech companies and can be reached at

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