Shelf Product Update – January 2018

As we’re one month into 2018, it’s time to summarize some of the new features of Shelf and improvements we’ve made  to existing ones over the past weeks. I’m particularly excited about our super-powerful in-document search as well the ability to connect Gems with each other for increased visibility and access.

As always, these improvements are available to current users without the need to upgrade your Shelf.

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Shelf Product Update – November 2017

This past month, two new major feature-upgrades made it to your Shelf that help you curate and explore your organization’s most important knowledge on Shelf.

We’ve introduced our brand new Wiki Pages which enable you to create rich content directly on Shelf. Also, you will now see recommended content whenever you open a Gem, encouraging your members to explore related content from your own internal knowledge base. Please read on to learn more about these exciting additions.

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Shelf Product Update – April 2017

We’re always exploring ways to make it even easier for users to find the content they’re looking for. Sometimes this means minor adjustments that allow users to find content faster; other times it’s about capturing more useful meta data when content is added to Shelf. As you’ll see from the items below, last month was no exception.

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