Shelf User Stories: A Library for the Organization’s Best Information

The Shelf User Stories series is meant to help prospective users understand why different businesses and organizations have chosen to use Shelf. In this interview with Pol Stafford, Nerd-in-Chief at Partners in School Innovation, we learn about the process Pol and the team at Partners went through to identify to right web application for their resource library.

Partners in School Innovation is a 70+ person organization dedicated to transforming teaching and learning in the lowest performing public schools in different parts of the country including California and the Midwest. As a result, most of the Partners team is remote/distributed, which makes it a great fit for SaaS products like Shelf.

In this lively and lighthearted conversation with Pol Stafford, the resident Nerd-in-Chief (a.k.a. the Director of Technology), we cover a number of interesting topics, including:

  • How Partners search for “the right” knowledgebase for their most important information led them from Dropbox to Atlassian and ultimately to Shelf. The evolution was not because they’re bad tools…on the contrary, they’re world-class platforms. But they weren’t built to serve as a resource library, and that’s what Partners needed.
  • Some of the primary assessment criteria by which Shelf was judged were: an intuitive and attractive interface, high-quality search, and something that could house ALL their content (re: a diverse array of content types)
  • A definition of success: when it comes to the implementation of new technology, Pol knows a new application has been well received when the data shows consistent usage throughout the user base AND they stop talking about it. That means its been integrated into their daily workflow.

I hope you all enjoy watching this interview as much as I enjoyed giving it!



Author: Colin Kennedy

Colin is the COO and Co-founder of and a 2x software entrepreneur.

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